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Baxter Peak is the highest mountain in Maine, located in the Baxter State Park. The peak is a challenging hike, with an elevation of 5,267 feet. The views from the summit are spectacular, with 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The hike to the summit is about 10 miles round trip, and includes a strenuous climb up a rocky ridge.

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Baxter Peak
Millinocket, ME 04462, USA

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Starting Point

The Baxter Peak trails in Maine can be accessed from the Appalachian Trail parking lot.

Why visit Baxter Peak

The Baxter Peak in Maine is the tallest mountain peak in the state. At 5,267 feet, it's a popular destination for hikers and climbers. The views from the summit are stunning, with 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside. The mountain is also home to a variety of wildlife, including black bears, moose, and deer.

Is Baxter Peak in Maine a good place for the whole family?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Baxter Peak is a mountain and, as such, can be dangerous for those who are not experienced in hiking or climbing. That said, the mountain does have a number of trails that are suitable for hikers of all levels of experience and there are also a number of campsites located along the trails which could make for an enjoyable family outing.

Things not to be missed

The best activities near Baxter Peak in Maine are hiking, camping, and fishing.

The best activities near Baxter Peak in Maine are hiking, camping, and fishing.

Where to eat?

1. The summit of Mount Katahdin, where the Baxter State Park Authority operates a small restaurant.

2. The AMC's Joe Dodge Lodge, located at the base of Mount Katahdin and just outside the park boundaries.

3. The Abol Bridge Campground, located on the banks of the Penobscot River about halfway between Millinocket and Baxter State Park.

4. The Roaring Brook Campground, located near the entrance to Baxter State Park.

5. The Northern Outdoors Resort, located in The Forks about an hour north of Baxter State Park.

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