Big Moose Mountain, Maine - Hiking

Big Moose Mountain, Maine - Hiking

Maine, United States


Difficulty Easy
Elevation gain 974 M




Big Moose Mountain, previously named Big Squaw Mountain, is a mountain located in Piscataquis County, Maine. Big Moose Mountain is flanked to the southeast by Little Moose (Little Squaw) Mountain.
The name of the mountain was changed in 2000, in accordance with a state law that required the renaming of all geographic features and locations in Maine called "squaw" or "squa".
Big Moose Mountain stands within the watershed of the Kennebec River, which drains into the Gulf of Maine. The northeast side of Big Moose Mtn. drains into Moosehead Lake, the source of the Kennebec. The southeast end of Big Moose Mtn. drains into Squaw Brook, then into Moosehead Lake. The southwest side of Big Moose Mtn. drains into Indian Brook, then into Indian Pond and the Kennebec River.
Big Moose Mountain is the location of Big Squaw Mountain Resort, an alpine skiing area.


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45.48417 -69.71167

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Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson
My favorite place.
Charles Dodson
Charles Dodson
It's a real pleasure to go there.
Kristi Wittig
Kristi Wittig
Another beautifull
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas
Pretty cool place.You will love for sure! :-)

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