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5 KM

Elevation gain

973 meters

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Mount Blue State Park is located in Farmington, Maine. It consists of two mountains, the highest of which rises to 1,050 meters. These mountains are surrounded by forests and lakes. The hiking trails allow you to discover the varied landscapes of this region. Nature and sport lovers can also enjoy fishing, canoeing or mountain biking.

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Starting Point

The Mount Blue trailhead is located west of Farmington, Maine. To get there, head west on US-2 and continue on US-4W. After a few miles, turn right onto FR-115. Continue on this road to the trailhead parking lot.


Why visit Mount Blue, Maine

Mount Blue State Park is located at an elevation of 968 meters and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The park is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and fishing. There is also a lake for swimming.

Things not to be missed

The best activities to do near Mount Blue, Maine in Maine include hiking, camping and fishing. The area is also known for its beautiful scenery and lakes.

Activities not to miss near Mount Blue, Maine in Maine include hiking, camping, fishing and boating.

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973.00 M

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