Mont Chauve - Mont Chauve

Mont Chauve - Hiking

Cantons-de-l'Est, Quebec, Canada

By lydia.crawford

Mont Chauve Statistics




10 KM


596 meters

Elevation gain

470 meters

Dog allowed

What are the activities at Mont Chauve ?


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Why choose a trail at Mont Chauve?

Located near Orford, on the border of Mont-Orford National Park in the Eastern Townships region, Mont-Chauve, part of the Sutton Mountains, rises to an altitude of nearly 600 meters and its trails are among the most traveled in Quebec!

The mountain offers 3 trails: the Mont-Chauve trail, a loop trail with a length of 10.6km of hiking, has an estimated duration of 4h. Intermediate in level, the trail will suit families and the less seasoned. The David Creek trail, which runs alongside the latter, is 15.6km long and is also of intermediate difficulty. Finally, the Etang aux Cerises trail, 16.4km, requires climbing some rocks and its difficulty will appeal to hikers looking for a challenge.

These trails are very well marked, not very difficult, accessible to dogs, and allow you to enjoy a gain in altitude

What are the services on site?

Picnic table
Rustic camping
Interpretation Center

What are the hiking trails at Mont Chauve ?

Trails Distance Difficulty
Mont Chauve 9.6 km Beginner

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 8.90

From sunrise to sunset


What are the coordinates and address of Mont Chauve?

Parc National Du Mont-Orford
(800) 665-6527
3321 Chemin du Parc, Orford, QC J1X 7A2, Canada

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Starting Point

The trailhead is located at Le Bonnallie Service Center.

Why visit Mont Chauve

The Mount offers varied panoramas: among them, Lake Bran de Scie, Lake Stukely, the villages and lakes of the region, the peak of the Bear, visible via the panoramic openings.

The furnished wooden balcony-type platform at the top, meanwhile, offers a 180-degree view of the entire landscape.

In addition to hiking and snowshoeing, visitors can admire local wildlife and learn about birding.

Things not to be missed

The park offers, near the Lac-Stukely sector, ready-to-camp sites that can accommodate up to 6 people, but also 275 developed campsites, chalets as well as shelters. The wide range of accommodation on offer will suit as many people as possible.

Nevertheless, it is possible to stay in one of the accommodations available nearby.

Our favorites -  Where to stay?

Chalet Ancestral l'Orignal, Eastman

Very nice cottage dating from 1850 with a rustic decor, it is located 2mn walk from Lake Orford and it is possible to have a private access to the latter: rental of nautical boats, spa, view on the lake, fishing and indoor fireplace will make the stay pleasant, in a picturesque and romantic setting

Des Sables Condos and Villas, Orford

The 3 cottages of this estate are located 5km from Mount Orford and Lake Memphremagog, but also close to 3 golf courses, hiking trails, and places like the Bromont water park or the Granby zoo, ideal for extending your stay. The cottages are equipped with 3 bedrooms and a pool.

Where to eat?

The park does not offer food outlets, but there are restaurants nearby:

Orford Wood Oven

This Italian restaurant offers artisanal pizzas, pasta or meat, all accompanied by a varied wine and beer list in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: 2197 Chem. du Parc, Orford

Bistro 4 Saisons

The hotel's 4 Saisons restaurant featuring fine European cuisine, a sought-after wine list and excellent service.

Address: 4940 Chemin du Parc, Orford

Let’s Answer Your Questions - FAQ

What is the level of difficulty of Mont Chauve ?


What is the elevation of Mont Chauve?

470.00 M

What is the height of Mont Chauve ?

596.00 M

Are dogs allowed?


Is the place are families friendly?


What is the entry fee?

8.90 $

Is there an information center / service center / reception?

François Dumaine
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Lydia Crawford, an extraordinary woman with an insatiable zest for life, has become an inspirational figure to many through her adventures and infectious good humor. Born and raised in a small town nestled in the mountains, Lydia developed a love for the outdoors at an early age. Her childhood was filled with hiking, camping, and exploring the wilderness, experiences that shaped her into the avid outdoorswoman she is today.

She life was a celebration of adventure, joy, and the great outdoors. She lived with a fierce determination to enjoy every moment and to share that joy with others. Her legacy is one of laughter, exploration, and an unwavering love for the natural world. Lydia's spirit continues to inspire those who knew her and those who discover her story, reminding us all to embrace life with open arms and a heart full of joy.

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