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Parc National Du Mont-mégantic - Hiking

Cantons-de-l'Est, Quebec


Difficulty Easy
Distance 54 KM




The geographic center of the park is Mont Megantic and at the climax of this Mont Megantic lies a prominent astronomical observatory of the Eastern Canada named Mont Megantic Observatory. Some component of this Mon-Megantic Park is considered to be an area that is recognized for the conservation of bird.

The park territory includes Cuttingedge Mountains in Appalachia state. If you are a hiker then you will get four peaks that are accessible to you to go for hiking trails. The four peaks namely are I’Aurore, Mont Victoria, Mont Megantic and Mont St. Joseph. To be more clear the I’Aurore is of around 835 m, the Mont Victoria is of around 1050 m, the Mont Megantic is of around 1105 m and the Mont St. Joseph is of around 1075 m. The Mont Megantic is said to be the 10th highest mountains in the Quebec and this one is the highest peak that is reachable by car.

The park is renowned for the scientific observatory at an altitude of 1111 m. This observatory includes a Ritchey-Chretien telescope assumed to be the most authoritative of its category in North America which is of 1.6 diameters. The Mont-Megantic is acknowledged by The International Dark-Sky Association as the 1st Dark-Sky Preserve. This park has an activity center and museum for the public astronomy named ASTROLab which is 500 ft below the park.

Having a network above 17 km of hiking trails, this Mont Megantic Park also affords mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The multi-purpose trails have a territory of 25 km. There are flight activities that are supervised by the gliding club in the Thetford Mines and if the wind condition is favorable then many para-gliders along with hang-gliders are permitted to dive from the Mount St. Joseph’s peak.

This park is open round the year not for only trails but also for wildlife discovery as it has above 20 different mammal species and more than 125 bird species. From Quebec, this park is at 234 km distance. From the highway 10 east you have to cross route 173, route 204 to route 212 via the route 161.

We quote this park for hiking to be DIFFICULT because till the 10 km it may seem easy but after that you may find it tricky to hike if you are not a seasoned sportsman. Evaluating all the positive and negative aspects, you can rate this park in 4.5 stars out of 5.


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What are the best trails at Parc National Du Mont-mégantic ?

  • Trails
  • Sentier de la Petite-Ourse
    2.5 km
  • Promenade du Ruisseau
    1.5 km
  • Sentier de la Grande-Ourse
    1.3 km
    70 m
  • Les Cimes-de-Franceville
    6 km
  • Sentier du Mont-Notre-Dame
    5.1 km
    390 m
  • Piste de la Vallée
    3.9 km
  • Promenade Boréale
    2.2 km
    60 m
  • Sentier du Mont-Mégantic
    5 km
    320 m
  • Sentier du Col
    4.5 km
    290 m
  • Sentier du Mont-Saint-Joseph
    3 km
    480 m


Access fee $ 8.50

45.4241 -71.1247

Contact Information

819 888-2941
189, route du Parc Notre-Dame-des-Bois (Québec) J0B 2E0

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Barb Barb
Barb Barb
Gorgeous! :)
Lydia Crawford
Lydia Crawford
Incredible place
Robby Janda
Robby Janda
My favorite place.
Amy Sheetz
Amy Sheetz
It's a real pleasure to go there.

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The Eastern Townships are considered a true natural painting because of its wonderful landscapes where mountains follow one another in hills and valleys. The forests too, which cover almost 80% of the territory, are an incredible sight, especially when there are the colors of autumn.

Here there are also four national parks. In particular, the Mont-Mégantic National Park is known for its scientific observatory where you can admire the starry sky.

Because of its natural spaces this region is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations for those who love outdoor life. In fact, here you can do sports in all seasons, choosing among mountain biking, hiking, skiing...

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