Parc National Du Mont-mégantic

Cantons-de-l'Est, Quebec


The geographic center of the park is Mont Megantic and at the climax of this Mont Megantic lies a prominent astronomical observatory of the Eastern Canada named Mont Megantic Observatory. Some component of this Mon-Megantic Park is considered to be an area that is recognized for the conservation of bird.


The park territory includes Cuttingedge Mountains in Appalachia state. If you are a hiker then you will get four peaks that are accessible to you to go for hiking trails. The four peaks namely are I’Aurore, Mont Victoria, Mont Megantic and Mont St. Joseph. To be more clear the I’Aurore is of around 835 m, the Mont Victoria is of around 1050 m, the Mont Megantic is of around 1105 m and the Mont St. Joseph is of around 1075 m. The Mont Megantic is said to be the 10th highest mountains in the Quebec and this one is the highest peak that is reachable by car.   

The park is renowned for the scientific observatory at an altitude of 1111 m. This observatory includes a Ritchey-Chretien telescope assumed to be the most authoritative of its category in North America which is of 1.6 diameters. The Mont-Megantic is acknowledged by The International Dark-Sky Association as the 1st Dark-Sky Preserve. This park has an activity center and museum for the public astronomy named ASTROLab which is 500 ft below the park.