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Réserve naturelle des Montagnes-Vertes - secteur singer - Hiking

Cantons-de-l'Est, Quebec


Difficulty Easy
Distance 20 KM



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Nature Reserve Green Mountains, with an area of over 68 square kilometers, is the largest protected area in perpetuity private lands in Quebec. It encompasses some of the trails of Park Sutton natural environment of the Estrie trails, and straddles the municipalities of Potton and Sutton. Mountain range that protects the reserve is an extension of the Green Mountains of Vermont. Over 135 km of hiking trails are on its territory. Among these paths, ACA manages three totaling twenty kilometers in the Singer sector, accessible Mansonville. The trails wind inside a forest composed of deciduous and a maple and yellow birch. The trail Summits, which leads to Mount Singer, offering panoramic views of the valley and four peaks over 750 m. The loop of the pond trail along the creek Ruiter before reaching the pond Fullerton. We can also see a dam that dates from the early twentieth century


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45.1042 -72.4529

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Mary Frazier
Mary Frazier
Very good place.
Barb Barb
Barb Barb
I had a great time.

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