Mont Saint-Grégoire - Hiking

Mont Saint-Grégoire - Hiking

Montérégie, Quebec


Difficulty Easy
Distance 2 KM
Elevation gain 251 M

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Mont Saint-Grégoire (height: 251 m (823 ft)) is a mountain in the Montérégie region of southern Quebec. The mountain is composed of essexite and syenite, strongly contrasting with the surrounding sedimentary rocks. The area around Mont Saint-Grégoire is known for its maple syrup production, plus some wine as well.
The name was changed in 1923 from Mount Johnson.

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45.3288235 -73.159594

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Joanna Fields
Joanna Fields
Another beautifull
6 years ago

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What is the elevation of Mont Saint-Grégoire?

251.00 M

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