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Bondcliffs, New Hampshire - Hiking

New Hampshire, United States

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Elevation gain

1,300 meters

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Why choose a trail at Bondcliffs, New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a paradise for nature lovers with its beautiful mountains and amazing landscapes. For those who want to try a new isolation experience in the wild, why not try the trio of highs Bondcliff, Bond and West Bond! These three mountains have everything to please hikers: enchanting landscapes, solitude or even additional challenge. This is the kind of place that will delight hikers looking for a great feeling.

Bondcliff: the first summit with several cliffs

Mount Bondcliff is located in the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness Protected Area in New Hampshire. Bondcliff is often referred to as Mount Bond and West Bond Mountain. At an altitude of 1300 meters, Mount Bondcliff is the first summit to appear on the trail before Bond and West Bond. It is a beautiful mountain that promises a strong feeling thanks to the presence of several cliffs to go.

A difficult path, but particularly surprising

If you're captivated by Bondcliff Mountain and you're not dizzy, your journey starts at the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center parking lot on Kancamagus Highway. Then, your path continues with a 55m suspension bridge that leads you to the Lincoln Woods Trail. Previously, this 4.5 km long trail was an old railway that was used to transport wood. Now, it's a pretty path decorated with pieces of wood and quite easy to navigate. To get to the top of Bondcliff, continue to the Bondcliff Trail. It is a fairly difficult stretch of trail because it is decorated with several cliffs and the climb is palpable. Before reaching the highest point, climb a cliff about 10 feet high. In bad weather, these cliffs are a real danger. After 14 km, the summit of Bondcliff offers a spectacular and somewhat special panorama. If your goal is to reach the summit of Bondcliff, you can take the way home safely. If you want to extend your hike and take on another challenge, the Bond and West Bond Mountains are waiting for you at a slightly elevated altitude. It is a beautiful challenge to want to reach the other summits.

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As parking is very spacious with various toilet services, parking fees are therefore required for each car. The Bondcliff Trail is open year-round and allows dog traffic on leash.

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1300.00 M

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