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5 KM

Elevation gain

1,551 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mount Lincoln, New Hampshire?

Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette are often inseparable. These are two magnificent peaks separated only by a distance of 2.7 km. It is thus possible to realize in a single day of hiking these two mountains while appreciating the breathtaking view of the White Mountains. But if you are an adventurous hiker who likes challenges, why not do both courses seprately!

Mount Lincoln: a hidden treasure of the White Mountains

Mount Lincoln is not really popular compared to Mount Lafayette. It has always been considered a must to reach Mount Lafayette. However, with its 1550 meters high, this mountain has everything to please hikers: difficult level trail, beautiful waterfalls or walking on the ridge. It is an easy summit to reach if you have a bit of courage.

What path do you take to climb the summit of Mount Lincoln?

From the Lafayette Campground Visitor Center, take the Falling Waters Trail. At the very beginning of the trail, an intersection awaits you. Follow the right path that is an extension of Falling Waters Trail. Through the forest, admire beautiful waterfalls along your way. Although the trail climbs more and more, you finally arrive at the top of Little Haystack Mountain at an altitude of 1451 m where the view begins to be spectacular. From this summit, take the Franconia Ridge Trail on the left. After a walk on the crest of several kilometers, you reach Mount Lincoln. At the top, contemplate the splendid panorama of all the mountains around. After enjoying a magnificent view, you can continue on your way to Mount Lafayette.

Useful information

In the state of New Hampshire, pets are almost accepted during hikes. This is the case of Mount Lincoln which allows dogs during your climbing. Also note that the trails are open to the public all year round and parking is free.


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1551.00 M

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