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13 KM

Elevation gain

1,917 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mount Washington?

Want to climb the highest mountain in New Hampshire and the highest in the northeastern United States? What you need is Mount Washington. It is a majestic mountain in the White Mountains that will delight hikers, mountaineers, skiers and especially tourists. To climb this 1917 meter high summit, you need a good dose of courage and a lot of physical effort, because the path is going to be particularly difficult. Are you ready to surpass this challenge?

A popular tourist destination

When you talk about Mount Washington, forget the quietness and loneliness and place a bustling destination that everyone loves. Being the highest mountain in New Hampshire, Mount Washington has become a flagship destination for tourists looking for a beautiful panorama. It is certainly not very high, but its summit promises a spectacular view. If hikers are enchanted by challenging trails, skiers and mountaineers can also be spoiled.

Climate and season

Nestled in a particular region, Mount Washington stands out for its changing climate. Indeed, it is rocked by violent winds. During the month of July, the temperature at the summit is less than 10 ° and can easily fall below zero. It is therefore advisable to be well dressed to reach the summit without major incident. During bad weather, avoid climbing the mountain at all costs.
The best season to climb Mount Washington is probably the winter season. Even if the winter conditions are sometimes difficult, it is at this period that the attendance is less animated. Winter is the best time to enjoy the mountain with complete peace of mind.

There is almost everything ...

What makes the difference of Mount Washington from the other mountains around is its convenience once at the top. Indeed, it is possible to eat or do some shopping. There are also toilets and even a weather observation center.

Climb Mount Washington by train or car

If you want to visit Mount Washington as a family, let yourself be seduced by the train that takes you to the top. This train takes you to the heart of the mountains for 45 minutes to reach the summit of Mount Washington. For this train trip, count about $ 70 per person per ticket. It's a bit expensive, but the scenery is simply sublime. It is also possible to access the summit by car. The vehicle path is a fee and accessible from mid-May to mid-October.

Sustained trails

If you are a good hiker, you will certainly be tempted by hiking to climb the summit of Mount Washington. Alone or accompanied, go to the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center to begin your journey. Then take the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. It is a fairly convenient trail to Hermit Lake located 3.9 km from the starting point. To get to the summit, continue on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail which offers a breathtaking view of the ravine. From there, the steep drop is at the rendezvous and a few moments of pause are required. Once at the top, a beautiful landscape awaits you and it deserves a small souvenir photograph. The descent is by the same path except in case of bad weather. For this, it is best to take the Lion Head Trail to Hermit Lake. The distance to and from Mount Washington is 13.6 km to run for about 7 hours.

Useful information

Parking at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center is completely free. If your companion dog accompanies you, trails open year round allow dogs on a leash.

What are the services on site?

Interpretation Center
Picnic table

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44.2705854 -71.3032723

What are the coordinates and address of Mount Washington?

(518) 381-4700

What are the comments and evaluations from the community?

Jane Maxwell
Jane Maxwell
Wife and I took a trip here for my Birthday this week. She's deathly afraid of heights, and had a panic attack on our trip up. Once we were up there, she relaxed a-lot and LOVED the views, and was glad I urged her to make the trip. We ended up getting up there on a perfect day, little chilly, little windy, but the views were phenomenal.
4 years ago
Hellen Moir
Hellen Moir
Pretty cool place.You will love for sure! :-)
8 years ago
Wayne Karim
Wayne Karim
You need to try this place.
8 years ago
Charles Dodson
Charles Dodson
My favorite place.
8 years ago

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1917.00 M

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