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Mount Willard, New Hampshire - Hiking

New Hampshire, United States

Mount Willard, New Hampshire Statistics




3 KM

Elevation gain

873 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mount Willard, New Hampshire?

To leave the traditional beach holidays, many are seduced today by hiking. It's a great way to venture out and take full advantage of nature to recharge your batteries. If you are looking for a special destination for a wonderful day of hiking, go for Mount Willard. It is a pretty little mountain that will satisfy both young and old with its panoramic landscapes.

Mount Willard: the must of the summer season

If many think that it is the highest peaks that offer the most magnificent views, this is not always the reality. Illustrates Mount Willard which is only 873 meters while the panorama it offers is simply breathtaking especially during sunny periods. Located in the Crawford Notch area of ​​New Hampshire, Willard's Little Mountain is a great place to discover with your family thanks to its convenient trail for beginners.

A very easy trail for the whole family

If Mount Willard is much appreciated, it is mainly thanks to its very easy path almost without a painful passage. With a drop of 275 meters on a round trip of 5.2 km, it seems to travel flat terrain. And that is what makes the charm and the particularity of this mountain! From the parking lot at Crawford Notch Depot, simply follow the well-marked Willard Trail Trail. Without any obstacles, you will reach the summit after about an hour. Once at the summit, let yourself be impressed by the breathtaking view of the Crawford Notch Valley. The mountains Webster and Willey are also visible. It is an easy course suitable for all levels especially children who take their first step in the world of hiking.

Useful information

Although this easy trail is open year-round, please note that parking is not free and dogs on leashes are accepted during your day hike.


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Laura Kiel
Laura Kiel
Very good place. I recommand this place.
9 years ago
Edward Williams
Edward Williams
I have lot of funny there.
9 years ago
Angel Gibbs
Angel Gibbs
Another beautifull
9 years ago
Charles Dodson
Charles Dodson
Very good place.
8 years ago

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873.00 M

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