Big Slide Mountain, New York - Big Slide Mountain, New York

Big Slide Mountain, New York - Hiking

Adirondacks, New York, United States

Big Slide Mountain, New York Statistics


Very hard


16 KM

Elevation gain

1,280 meters

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Big Slide is the twenty-seventh highest peak of the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park in New York. The peak was named for the prominent steep cliff that rises to its summit. It is located in the High Peaks Wilderness Area. Because it is relatively close to trail heads and because it offers a close view of the nearby Great Range, Big Slide is a popular day hiking destination. The most popular approach is via the Brothers, a set of rocky crags which offer several views on the way to the summit. It can also be climbed via the Slide Mountain Brook Trail from the Phelps trail in Johns Brook Valley, or combined with Yard Mountain via the Klondike Notch trail (Yard's elevation is 4018 feet, but it is not one of the High Peaks as it is too close to Big Slide).

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Adirondack Mountain Club
1002 Adirondack Loj Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946-0867

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4 out of 5 stars

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Paul Williamson

1 out of 5 stars

The hike and view rate five stars, but the directions that Google Maps provides rate negative stars. The approach uses what was never more than a jeep road, and that was abandoned 50 years ago! Furthermore, it leads you to private property where the landowner just might shoot. Poor behavior by hikers has caused this landowner to close the trail to Porter Mountain where it crossed his land, and that trail had been on that land for nearly 100 years. Photo at the top of this description shows what the alleged "Porter Mt. Trail", that one is supposed to be able to drive, looks like today.

Amy Sheetz

5 out of 5 stars

Breathtaking views from all the Brothers. Easy hike. Nice scrambled. Quite crowded on the Big Slide summit during a summer weekend. A group was installing a ladder on one of the steeper slides; hikers will appreciate their work! Took the red trail down the mountain. A bit longer, but worth every step for the peaceful, wooded stroll back to the Garden.

William Patten

4 out of 5 stars

Pretty cool place.You will love for sure! :-)

Hellen Moir

3 out of 5 stars

Mission accomplished. It's fab!!

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What is the level of difficulty of Big Slide Mountain, New York ?

Very hard

What is the elevation of Big Slide Mountain, New York?

1280.00 M

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