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Ontario Pathways Rail Trail - Hiking

New York, United States

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I don't enjoy running because in some locations, the footpath is incredibly narrow and hard to walk. Large, simple straight route lined with tall trees. It's family and pet friendly with lots of places where you can get off the road to play in the neighboring creek. Great well-maintained path, we walked with 3 adults, 10 years old and 3 years old.

We walked around the 3 mile mark and turned back. This is a wonderful children's walk. Very flat, broad, well-groomed trail. A lot of things to stop and enjoy off the sides.

Ontario Pathways rail trail

The Ontario Pathways Rail Trail is the crown jewel of the path scheme run by the organisation for which it is named in Ontario County, New York. The ill-conceived merger with the New York Central Railroad in 1968 resulted to the collapse of Penn Central in 1970. Fortunately, with the assistance of a loan from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Ontario Pathways Inc. was able to buy unsold parts of the rail corridor in 1994 to start the construction of the rail corridor. If you're searching for a lengthy and permanent experience, you can skip this section, which is divided from the primary V-shaped path by privately held property and the New York State Thruway.

Those who visit this picturesque segment should be conscious that the path technically ends in the north without a outlet on the Wayne County Line. The primary, V-shaped segment of the Ontario Pathways Rail Trail starts on the opposite side of the New York State Thruway and spans almost 21 miles. Start your journey at the east end of Phelps, where a big parking lot on NY 96 welcomes trail users. After nearly a mile, the path begins under the tree cover before entering open farmland, where the sudden sunlight may be jarring.

From the park, you have to turn sharply to the right, briefly paralleling the segment of the path that you have just finished, to continue your voyage. You may quickly have a sensation of déjà vu as you cross the US 20/NY 5 again via a second trail bridge. Eventually, you will cross Flint Creek for the last moment and instantly start to closely parallel the active rail line on the outskirts of Canandaigua. Shortly thereafter, you will arise in the charming downtown town, where many restaurants are waiting for starving path users.

Take the first left onto NY 96 and travel 4 miles. Immediately turn right onto Irvin Road and continue to the end of the road at the T-junction. Take the first left onto NY 96 and travel seven and a half miles. The trail and the parking lot will be on your right soon after NY 488.

This path is actually what the name says, because most of this path has a hint of manure smell as it passes through the farms and ranches where the cows are. There are also a lot of signs that someone hung up in the Canandaigua region with Winnie the Pooh commenting that they were fun. We hardly saw any wild life except birds and bugs because they were 82 ° in the early portion of August. I didn't expect such a primitive path.

The weather was fantastic on our trip, but the path could be a humid weather issue. The Ontario Path appears to be lost in time. I thought I was supposed to ride Schwinn's balloon tire instead of my hybrid. It was a wonderful experience, but a little more strenuous than we anticipated.

Beautiful tree canopy rendered protection of the sun unnecessary. This section of the trail was about 50/50 broad enough to run along the route vs. about 3/4 had a taste in the mouth of manure. After the rain came to an end, we went for a round journey of about 8 miles.

The starting little bit along the active train tracks is all right, but it leaves the tracks pretty rapidly and enters the enchanted green tunnel. The shrubs and trees are arching over the path to provide shade and a sense of isolation in nature. Unfortunately, we had to turn around between Smith and Freshour Roads because of a tree across the path. It might have been cut with a hand saw, but I didn't have one.

If you've got knobby-er / GatorSkins tires, it's even better. Although the climate here in Update NY has been rainy for the previous two weeks, there have been some low lying places with mud and standing water. These regions are completely do-able on a fat bike, and I'd be able to ride them on my hybrid, too. I'm not going to call this rail track rutty by any means.

It's similar to the Greenway or Lehigh Valley Rail Trails, bumps and ruts randomly, but not continuously along the way. We rode it on a week's day, and we didn't see any other bikers for 19 miles. We biked this with our nine-year-old, and it was a nice turning point. It was a complete journey of about 10 miles.

It was shaded and well maintained. All of us rode our mountain bikes. This is not, in my view, the sort of path for hybrids and road bikes. The path is entirely grassy, covered with a worn single-track lane.

The bugs were not that bad today as they were windy, but they were still wearing spray. The path was very lovely farmland and peaceful. We've only seen two groups out on our journey. Well, it's worth a drive from Corning, NY to experience something distinct and ride the lovely landscape.

I walked the first 7 miles, beginning at the end of Canandaigua in October. As others have said, the roots were produced for a rough and tiring journey. As we live nearby and really liked the path, we purchased the full suspension of Mt. We walked back to 7 mi.

Point and did a different part. The fresh bicycles have produced a much more pleasant journey. We can't wait for our exploration to proceed in the spring as the winter has eventually came. I rode this a few days before Christmas 2015 and I really enjoyed this path.

I switched to Freshour Rd. and moved to Shortsville and back to Phelps. I did a segment from Charlton Rd to Smith Rd outside of Canandaigua. It was quite bumpy owing to a lot of roots, some rocks, and lengthy parts overgrown with grass.

Some sections are so enclosed by trees that it looks like you're going into a green tunnel. I intended to go to Canandaigua, too, but the surface of the path was too daunting. This path seems to be constructed mainly for bicycles, but if you appreciate more of a path, it's lovely. Half mile markers along the path assistance monitor the mileage.

Pleasant trail, well maintained trail. There were several deep slopes that went straight into busy roads, and the entrances were so narrow that you couldn't ride through them. Many roots in parts and were hard to see until you were right on them because of the shifting light. The path was all we had hoped for.

We traveled back and forth from Canandaigua to the southern turning point and could not have been happier. The path was well signposted and well maintained. A excellent experience and a very suggested trail ride. July, 2011 by the Nanabells. At the northern end, we had a hard time finding access to it.

The instructions were not evident and the highways were not well marked. Fall 2009 Two of us rode this path in September 2009 and discovered it to be a great experience. The path is well marked with high-quality bridges over the creeks and busy highways. Very tight gates at the junctions of the highway to keep the ATVs out create a cautious passage.

In a few parts, there are well-marked detours of private property allowing for a journey of more than 20 miles. There is now a parking lot in Stanley, where the path sections east-west and north-south meet. I drove to the north 2.5 miles to the bridge that was closed. Then I went home and rode west for about four miles.

The only reason I stopped there was because the surface was grass all the way, and I was getting tired. The Cayuga-Seneca Canalway Trail is a 5-mile trail that starts in Waterloo, New York and ends at Seneca Lake State Park. The Manchester Gateway Trail is a picturesque path used by walkers and cyclists that follows the Canandaigua Outlet through Manchester. The Keuka Outlet Trail offers a winding route of nearly 7 miles between Penn Yan and Dresden in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

There are so many reminders on the nearly 10-mile Auburn Trail from the heyday of the railroad era that tourists could think they're choking... New York, 16.4 miles away. The town of Perinton, New York, has worked hard to improve the Rochester, the Syracuse and the Eastern Trail, and it shows. This is a flat 1.6 mile path through forests, wetlands and farmland linking Rt. 34 in the town of Fleming to Dunning Ave. Its name is... I read and agree to the Terms of Use.

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