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Storm King Mountain, New York - Hiking

Hudson Valley, New York, United States

Storm King Mountain, New York Statistics

Elevation gain

408 meters

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Storm King Mountain is along the west bank of the Hudson River south of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. Together with Breakneck Ridge on the opposite bank of the river it forms "Wey-Gat" or Wind Gate, the picturesque northern gateway to the Hudson Highlands. Its distinctive curved ridge is the most prominent aspect of the view south down Newburgh Bay, from Newburgh, Beacon, and the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. It can also be seen by southbound travelers on nearby sections of the New York State Thruway. This view was popular with early artists of the Hudson River School, and helped give them their name. While thought of as the highest in the area, its summit reaching approximately 1,340 feet (410 m) above sea level, the eastern summit officially known as Butter Hill is actually higher, at 1,380 feet (420 m) in elevation.

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What is the elevation of Storm King Mountain, New York?

408.00 M

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