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Snake Mountain, Vermont - Hiking

Vermont, United States

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Elevation gain

390 meters

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Snake Mountain, 1,287 feet (392 m), also called Grand View Mountain, is an isolated mountain located in Addison and Weybridge, Vermont; it belongs to a series of scattered hills extending from the greater Taconic Mountains geology. Snake Mountain contains the state of Vermont's 1,215-acre (492 ha) Snake Mountain Wildlife Management Area and The Nature Conservancy's Willmarth Woods Sanctuary. Several hiking trails ascend the mountain (one climbs the western face and the second climbs the eastern face). Seen from the west, the mountain rises dramatically (with its prominent sheer cliffs) out of the nearby valley making it easy to recognize from other nearby hills and mountains. The mountain was once the site of The Grand View Hotel, built in 1870 by Jonas N. Smith. The hotel burned down but its foundations and the open vista of Lake Champlain remain. Smith's stage coach road to the summit is now the primary hiking trail. In memory of the hotel, the view from the summit is named "Grand View."

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390.00 M

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