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Lake Superior Provincial Park - Hiking

Ontario, Canada



19 KM

Estimated Time

4 hours

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Why choose this trail?

This new track is very short and very easy. It can be discovered with family or friends. With a total distance of 2.8 km, it is an asphalt trail.


Walk a path on the coast.

This is a track where people with mobility problems will have no problem. Indeed, the tracks proposed are accessible for all. Several benefits can be found by visiting this trail. Indeed, hikers will have the pleasure of admiring the landscape on the North shore, as well as different types of birds, etc.

with the discovery of this new track, many jobs have been created. The young people had an incredible chance. Indeed, they do an equally exciting and captivating job. With the trainings they received, they were able to explain to tourists the importance and the best way to preserve nature.

Currently, this coastal path has been embellished by the Rossport Tourism Association. This action started from Wardrope Park and ended at Rossport Roadside Park. It should be noted that this association was intended to give the inhabitants, as well as visitors to this trail, an uneven and original trail. This trail links the typical village of Rossport to the park, alongside the main road. If all these actions will improve the finances of this park, the association offers these natives a healthy life.

Aside from improving this park, you can extend your visit. This trail has been extended to the Rainbow Park Falls-Rossport Campground.



Browse the coastal path


For information, this trail is 60 km long. Normally, it can be finished in at least 5 days. Otherwise, if you want to take your time to appreciate nature, to take pictures for example, you can finish the course in 7 days.

This track is not recommended for beginners, because it is a really dangerous and slippery track, so very difficult.

This is the kind of ideal track for those who appreciate nocturnal discoveries. Aside from hiking, you can also go camping in Pukaskwa Park. It should be noted that this trail follows the coast of Lake Superior. Aside from its original cliffs and scrub, do not forget to admire the pyrargues all along the Sand and Agawa River. It's unimaginable.

By following this track, we will be able to swim or just go to the waterways. For those who wish to make these discoveries, it is necessary to register, and to follow an orientation session before starting this raid. A water taxi can pick up hikers to take them to Swallow North to begin the hike. This journey usually takes two hours.




How to access this coastal path

It is often advisable to choose your path, because its access will depend on the duration you want to spend. Indeed, one can see misty summits and canyons. These two corners will offer you an unimaginable view. Do not forget your device to keep memories!

You can also choose the trail on the shore, and follow the edge of the rocky shore of Lake Superior. An unforgettable view of the blue waters can be easily seen by choosing this trail.

Aside from the scenery, the Algoma Central Railway runs through the canyon. We see it very well during this walk. Hikers will be easily surprised. During your stay, do not forget to visit the pictograms of Agawa Rock, as well as the last reception center that has just been installed in the park.



The California Coastal Trail

This organization was created in 2001 to improve access to coastal trails, which connect the coast of California. Thanks to this, hikers can follow several tracks, up to 1200 km in total. These trails have been professionally erected. Indeed, we installed signs to guide the hikers during their adventure.

Several trails are offered. There is especially for those who prefer to spend their time at the beach, those for cyclists, those for the disabled etc. This is not the choice that is missing!

To avoid any mistake in the way, a book was written for detailed trails on the California coast. With the latter, tourists can avoid getting lost, or to follow a track that does not suit them.

Aside from the hikers' satisfaction with its trails, the California coast is very demanding on the environment. Indeed, it is forbidden to go in the sensitive parts that is to say the places where the species are in danger of disappearing. In order not to shock the visitors, they are offered to see unique sites, and we explain to them the best way to preserve nature.


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