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Scarborough Bluffs Trail hiking , Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada

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Why choose a trail at Scarborough Bluffs Trail?

Scarborough Bluff trail located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a 6.8 KM long heavily trafficked trail with beautiful Lake Ontario perfect for all skill levels to hike there.

It is located just 20 minutes from the Downtown with famous white cliffs with bluffer park beach view, bluffs trail for hiking and Crescent Park to enjoy.

In the summer months, you can escape yourself in bluffs to protect yourself from heat. People travel there from Toronto and even from other countries to enjoy beautiful scenes of nature. They can lie down on the beautiful white sand beach of Lake Ontario.

Beach bluffer park and east point park is the best place to rest and enjoy the natural scenes. Scarborough bluffs trail offers you opportunities to perform several activities to make your hike fun and enjoyable.

There are several reasons to visit there in Scarborough bluffs to enjoy crystal blue water and a closer view of limestone cliffs that make your day memorable.

The best thing is that you have a free admission facility, and it remains open for the whole year for the visitors to hike there.

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Trails Distance Difficulty
Scarborough Bluffs Trail 5 km Beginner

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Open 24 hours every day


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Scarborough Bluffs
(416) 338-0889
1 Brimley Rd. S, Bluffers Park, Scarborough, ON M1M 3W3, Canada

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Starting Point

There are several routes to start your hiking at the bluffs trail Ontario, Toronto, but bluff’s park trail / Bluffers park trail is widely used. The trail is flat with an intensity of 1/5 track that leads from beach bluffer park and the Lakeshore to Bluffs park. You can found the Scarborough bluffs map here.

The route is almost flat, with not many hurdles that you can follow for jogging or hiking to improve the intensity. You may not find it more challenging, but it offers many opportunities to enjoy natural scenes and the best photo shot experience.

Why visit Scarborough Bluffs Trail

Scarborough bluffs hiking trail comes with several opportunities to enjoy a wonderful hiking experience. The trail is full of natural and beautiful scenes that make your hiking enjoyable.

Enjoy a mid-morning hike at Cudia park; you may prefer to stay at Cudia park and enjoy memorable photo-ops.

The Sunset scene at Scarborough Crescent park is eye-soothing and one of the most romantic scenes you see. Sit on the bench with your lover or alone and enjoy mother nature by holding a glass of wine.

Enjoy a smooth walk on Brimley road south and share your beautiful thoughts with your loved ones holding hands. It is the best spot to visit in winter and summer where you can enjoy Mother Nature and can spend your weekend or vacations laying down on the soft sand of the beach.

Things not to be missed

There may be places and accommodations on this long trail where you can sleep or camp. Sand aside the Lake Ontario could soothe your body in the winter with warm sunlight.

You can also stay at Rosetta McClain Gardens or near Cudia park. There are many spots for stay and rest.

Where to sleep ? - Our favorites

Hiking at Cudia Park

Cudia park is the best place for the mid-morning walk where you can stay and enjoy the natural scenes between beautiful green and tall trees. Take Photos, lay down on the green grass and play with your friends or enjoy camping here.

Rest at Buffer's Beach in the afternoon

Buffer's beach is a beautiful blue flag spot that is perfect for visiting in the afternoon for swimming. It is located below the foothills that are the perfect spot for the sun lovers to lay down on the sand, play volleyball, and camp there. At weekends hundreds of camps were installed on the beach.

Visit the top of Scarborough Bluffs.

You have nine parks to visit on the top of Scarborough Bluffs; all have very amazing scenes. Among the beautiful scene, a view from the Lake to Scarborough Crescent Park is worth seeing. The park is just right above the Scarborough bluffs that look very beautiful.

Where to eat?

Enjoy dinner at Bluffers Restaurant and Grill

Bluffer Restaurant and Grill is the best restaurant where you can enjoy dinner in a beautiful view surrounded by sparking Lake Ontario and boats. You can enjoy natural Canadian food recipes that are always fresh and spicy.

Enjoy snacking at Duckworth,s fish & Chips

Make your hiking tasty and enjoyable by enjoying fresh chips at Duckworth's fish and chips. Stay here and enjoy snacks there in the beautiful view of beautiful green tall trees.

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Open 24 hours every day

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