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379 meters

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The Ontario County High Points List was developed by Greg Slayden of Ontario is administratively split into 51 units, consisting of counties, unified counties, regional municipalities, districts, towns and municipalities. Elevation measurements were taken from the 1:20,000-scale Ontario Base Maps series generated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. All spot elevations in OBM information were downloaded, matched to their county by a point-in-polygon procedure, and the largest spot elevations were selected. When numerous spot sizes of the same height were encountered at the same particular place, a representative point was selected. Also, some OBM spot elevations were obviously incorrect outsiders and had to be discarded. In particular, a 1-metre difference in spot altitudes was regarded to be important and these reduced points were not deemed to be high-point applicants. Most of them were counties at one stage in history, and despite modifications in title or status, the limits have stayed mostly stable over the years. Since the last revision of the Census Divisions in 2001, the combined county of Haldimand-Norfolk has divided into Haldimand County and Norfolk County, and the City of Brantford has separated from Brant County. That is why there are 51 entries on this list, while the Census lists only 49 divisions. To help generate this list, all spot elevations in the OBM data were downloaded, matched to their county by a point-in-polygon operation, and the highest spot elevations were selected. Sometimes in the same general location, there was a swarm of spot elevations of the same height, and one remedial point was selected. In other instances, distinct regions have been registered. In general, however, a 1-metre difference in spot altitudes was regarded important and these reduced points were not deemed to be high-point applicants. Once a set of county high points was produced, they were cross-checked with 1:50,000 NTS maps, and some were adapted a bit depending on the data there. The outcome should be a fairly precise guide to the lowest point in the counties. Before tackling any county, however, be sure to check the OBM and NTS maps to get acquainted with the region. You may need to check out a number of neighboring fields to be sure of the location of the largest part of the earth, the occupational hazard of highpointers in comparatively flat terrain like Ontario. This website has been accessed 2290 times since 2004-11-01. 400 is noticeable to the north from the top of King's Doppler Radar Tower, which is 360 meters above sea level and is one of the largest elevation points in the York Region. Silo Wireless Inc. has lately purchased five telecommunications towers, comparable to the one in the York Region. The 90-metre towers, one of which is situated in Dunnville, will increase the accessibility of broadband internet and communication facilities in rural areas. The largest point, estimated at 380 meters above sea level, is located west of this dead-end road. On the east side just north of Lloydtown-Aurora Road, in a rolling field, there is a gigantic cellphone tower sitting more than 360 meters above sea level. The tall trees block the surrounding landscape, but the view is magnificent as you move west along Lloydtown-Aurora Road. This well-named street, off Jane Street close 16th Sideroad, leads to a private property location of 363 metres. Strawberry Hill Trail, man. Beside your remarks, your display name will be shown. If you have not given a name for the display, your first name will be displayed instead. You can choose how your name will appear in your account. Wilson-Raybould is set to appear alongside Philpott Sept.

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379.00 M

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