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Grand Tour du Lac de Devesset - Hiking

Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

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Located in Ardeche, the lake of Devesset is a wonder of nature bordered by the forest. The surroundings of this sublime basin of more than 1000 m of altitude is a framework used to enjoy many enticing activities including hiking. Indeed, the summer is a perfect time to hike around the Lake Devesset with friends, families, couples or solo. So, do you want to know more about the great tour of the Lake of Devesset? This complete guide tells you everything...

Grand Tour du Lac de Devesset : why do this hike ?

Lake Devesset is one of those magnificent jewels of the Haute-Loire to visit at all costs. This lush universe is a perfect backdrop for hiking and mountain biking. Among the possible routes for hikes, the grand tour of the Devesset lake is certainly by far the most complete.

Indeed, walking this trail (in a loop) of a distance of about 10 km will allow you to contemplate a landscape of a rare beauty but also to enjoy an unobstructed view of the lake of Ardeche. Moreover, note that the lake of Devesset will make the happiness of the lovers of birds. Beyond hiking, the place is also indicated for bird watching.

In addition, at the top of the trail (1170 m), you can also see in their most beautiful expression the Mont-Blanc, the Mezenc, the gerbier de jonc, the plateau and many other places of interest of Saint-Agrève.

Along the way, you will also be free to spend a little time at the Sailing School, at the beaver habitat, at the botanical trail or at the snack bar.

Finally, the great tour of the lake of Devesset is a recommended hike because of its lesser difficulty and the accessible duration (3h time).

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Starting Point

The IGN route of the grand tour of the Devesset lake shows a low point (at its departure) at 1038 m with positive (143m) and negative (139m) differences in altitude. To help you find your way, you can follow the markings with yellow but also white and red lines (going from the commandery to the D9).

Thus, note that the starting point of the great tour of the lake of Devesset is just at the level of a panel named " info rando ". It is installed near a multiservices of the village Devesset. You will then just have to follow the arrow and extend the path to 200 m to start your hike in Ardeche.

Why visit Grand Tour du Lac de Devesset

Hiking and the lake are not the only attractions in Devesset. In fact, around the lake, you can experience other activities that are both fun and educational.

First of all, you could stop with the family with the children at the leisure area located around the lake. There you will find, to the delight of young and old, a beach and playgrounds.

Then, we really suggest you to make a small detour to the Confiserie de Cheyne but also to the Taverne de l'Agrivoise.

Finally, you should definitely not miss visiting the Wind School, the Gargoyle and the Dragon Stables. And, if you are lucky enough to make the trek in the summer, don't deprive yourself of a sweet swim in the lake.

Things not to be missed

If you are looking for a nice place to sleep during your stay in Saint-Agrève, you should know that several possibilities are available to you. Indeed, you will be able to make your choice between camping, mobile homes, a chalet, a gite but also caravans. Everything will depend on your nature desires and your budget.

Where to sleep? - Our favorites

Chalet 6 people: 2 rooms with unmatched comfort in the middle of nature.

Caravan for 2 to 4 people nice and perfect to revel in the gentle and enriching atmosphere being around the lake.

The lake cottage is also an indicated setting to sleep in Devesset and enjoy an unforgettable stay.

Where to eat

It must be said that we are never safe from a little hunger during a hike. So, if you are looking for restaurants with a charming and warm setting in the Ardèche, here are our best addresses :

L'Arbre Vagabond

Located just 2 km from Devesset Lake, this restaurant offers a tempting menu that will conquer your hunger while making your taste buds dance with happiness.

L'Oustau in Ardèche

L'Oustau in Ardeche is the right setting to go and meet the local flavors. Their menu offers a clever mix between local gastronomy and general French cuisine. So, don't hesitate to enjoy a gourmet break in this cozy little spot located 0.9 km from the lake.

Au Bon air-chez Jean- Charles

Finally, we also advise you to put on your short list this restaurant with a casual but no less beautiful decor. The exciting menu will brighten up your grand tour of the Devesset lake...

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