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T茅tines de Vernon - Hiking

Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

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The Tetines of Vernon in the Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes is a protected natural site located in the department of Is猫re, France. This site consists of two hills, one called "la T茅tine" and the other "le Vernon". These hills are composed of volcanic rocks and lava flows. Their particular shape is due to erosion. The Tetines of Vernon are a popular tourist spot.


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The Vernon Tetines trailhead is located in Vernon, in the Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes region. To get there, you can use the following coordinates: 45.5609掳N, 3.5694掳E.

Why visit Tétines de Vernon

The Tetines de Vernon is a rock formation located in the commune of Saint-Romain-de-Jalionas, in Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes. It consists of two huge breast-shaped rocks, which gave the formation its name.

The Tetines de Vernon is a very popular tourist spot, especially among photography enthusiasts and couples looking for a romantic spot. The view from the rocks is magnificent, and you can admire the surrounding mountains.

Things not to be missed

Activities not to be missed near T茅tines de Vernon in Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes include hiking, mountain biking, climbing and canoeing. The region is also known for its local products, including cheeses and charcuterie.

Activities not to miss near Tetines de Vernon in Auvergne-Rh么ne-Alpes include hiking, biking and swimming. Things not to miss include picturesque landscapes, historic villages and towns.

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