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Why choose a trail at Gorges de la Méouge?

The Méouge gorges are located 5 kilometers south of Laragne and are classified as a biological reserve and are a real treasure of the department.

The gorges of the Méouge are designated as a treasure of the Hautes Alpes, bathed in heat and sunshine, and are a famous place for swimming and hiking.

The pebble beach is accessible from several car sites (which run along the course). It is easily accessible and very busy, especially during the summer vacations.

People gather mainly at the entrance to the site, where they can dip their feet in the water and admire the Romanesque three-arched bridge in good condition and the remains of the mill washed away by the flood in 1901. Impossible to miss them, the wreckage is visible from the D942.

Along the way, huge rocks have formed beautiful ivory-colored strata, which have amazed geologists. It seems that some huge stones are kept in balance by mysterious powers. The site also abounds in mountain, Provencal, Mediterranean, Iberian and even Maghrebian plants.

Access price:

The prices to access the Gorges de la méouge are as follows:

●     Free: up to 3 years old

●     €2: 4 to 15 years old

●     3€ : from 15 years old

Available activities:

Several activities are offered by the Mouge Gorges. Notably, canoing, deltaplane and paragliding, as well as bicycling and some hiking tours for all tastes.

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Starting Point

You have to  follow the D942. Go up the gorges of the Méouge and turn left towards Saint Pierre Avez and leave the vehicle on the parking lot just before the bridge.

Why visit Gorges de la Méouge

The narrow road winding through the periwinkle stream of the Méouge announces a high-flying excursion.

These Gorges twist in formidable primitive fortifications, linking the Drôme and the Hautes-Alpes region.

The Azure River began a vibrant marathon. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes angry, it shuttled between the rustic arches of the ancient Romanesque bridge, then rushed into the cave, forming an open-air term.

"Le Banc du Bouc" is another family-friendly trail that allows you to visit most of the Méouge gorge without getting too tired. About 2.3 kilometers, it takes about one hour.

Things not to be missed

If you are looking for accommodation to spend the night, you should know that the natural site offers campsites, cottages, especially since several cottages, inns and hotels are nearby.

But if you're a true nature lover looking to crash in this beautiful environment, we've got you covered!

Where to stay? -  Our favorites

●    Dome house langeanne

Located 50 minutes from the site, this dome house for two has everything to please. At once connected to nature, at once luxurious, the hosts of this house have done everything to make your stay comfortable and unique.

●     Treehouse

Perched 5 meters high among the trees, this cute little cabin is perfect for two people. Very well-equipped, the cabin has a small terrace that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

It is located 52 minutes from the Méouge gorges.

Where to eat?

You've walked through the entire site, enjoyed all the activities, whether you're alone or accompanied. And you suddenly felt like getting a bite to eat.

Below we've listed the best restaurants we could find near this beautiful place.

●     The Gourmet Spider

Located 4.7 km from the Méouge gorges, this restaurant has everything to please. The welcome is very warm, moreover, the staff is attentive and very professional, the dishes are very original, well prepared, and delicious and the same for the wines they serve. Everything is at a very reasonable price.

●     Restaurant from above

The restaurant is known for its sublime and heavenly view overlooking the valley. The welcome is very warm and their cuisine is made with fresh products. Very well presented, the staff in turn is up to the mark, very attentive and listening. Everything is gathered so that you can spend an excellent evening.

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