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Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park,British Columbia - Hiking

Kootenay Rockies, British Columbia, Canada

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Why choose a trail at Iceline Trail, Yoho National Park,British Columbia?

If you are looking for a high-impact landscape, you will be served. From the beginning of your journey, you will quickly see stunning views, Takakkaw Falls, but also mountains and glaciers in the Yoho Valley. It's unimaginable, breathtaking. And if you decide to climb 690 m to reach the summit, your efforts will be quickly rewarded. You will be able to admire the three peaks - Vice President Whaleback and the isolated summit.

Discover the Iceline track

The track Iceline offers several outdoor activities. It ranges from 12.8 km to 21.1 km, with a maximum climb of 690 m. You can start your tour at the Takakkaw Falls car park in Yoho National Park. The duration to finish it often depends on the skill of each. However, if you want to take your time to admire the view, take pictures, try to finish it earlier.

Located in Yoho National Park, the Iceline Trail is part of the Canadian Rockies and is located close to the Alberta border. For those who do not know, "Yoho" means "respect and wonder". It is for this reason that tourists will have great joy at the end of the day, after traveling 21 km.

The trail's main attractions include the Yoho Valley, Daly Glacier and Takakkaw Falls.

Normally, we can finish the trip in 9 hours, especially if you are a professional. For your information, this kind of track is difficult. Indeed, from simple to difficult, most of this trail is at altitude. Depending on the weather, the trip may change. It can be just as dry, just as slippery, so it depends on the weather. Before you start, it would be better to ask for information about weather conditions in order to prepare for it in advance.

The Iceline Trail is a trail that has it all: breathtaking views of the mountains, vast views of the Yoho Valley, Takakkaw Falls, Daly Glacier etc. You have plenty of choice between the different variants of this route, especially if you have an urgent need for adventure.

How to get to the Iceline Trail?

To find this trail, it will go through HI Whiskey Jack Hostel. This is where you will start your hike, which is on the west side of the road. The managers of this hotel are demanding. You do not have the right to park your car unless you visit the trail.

The trail starts quickly with a steep climb. During this trip, you will have to do some climbing. It is not difficult but after all your efforts, you will quickly see an incomparable view of the valley. You can also admire Takkakaw Falls and the Daly Glacier which feeds it. After the climbs, arrive the descents. It will hold well not to slip. This is why it is best to wear non-slip shoes. You will then see the three beautiful lakes. Take the time to admire them, to rest at the edge of the water and to have your lunch if necessary.

If you are tired, you can turn around and retrace your steps. Those wishing to do more adventure will still be able to continue down the mountain to reach the pool and follow a trail through the Yoho River Valley.

Otherwise, if you want, you can also spend the evening at ACC Stanley Mitchell.

During this hike, one can find, discover several landscapes, forests, rivers, glaciers. There is so much to discover that it would be better to go there directly. In addition, the Iceline Trail is one of a kind, among those seen in the Rocky Mountains of eastern British Columbia, in Yoho National Park. Located west of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, it's a very exciting track right now.

Before taking the plunge, it would be better to have at your disposal the right accessories. Do not forget for example bottled water, snacks, a hat, professional walking shoes, and a tent in case you have to spend the night. If you want to set up a campsite, it would be better to ask permission to avoid having to change projects. At the same time, you can also ask if you can or cannot bring your dog with you. Indeed, several trails allow these animals, if you keep on a leash. It’s necessary if you don’t want to disturb other hikers, especially if they are with children.

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