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Vancouver Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

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15 KM

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5 hours

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Panorama Ridge Secondary is a public high school in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and is part of School District 36 Surrey. It has a French immersion program for students in grades 8-12 and approximately 20% of the school's students are enrolled in that program. The school's website publishes notices in both English and Punjabi. It opened in September 2006.

The Panorama Ridge is a mountain located in the Garibaldi Provincial Park of British Columbia. It is part of the Coast Mountains, and is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the area. The summit offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including Mount Garibaldi, Mount Price, and Black Tusk. The hike to the summit is long but relatively easy, making it a popular choice for beginner hikers. The trailhead can be reached from the town of Squamish, and takes approximately six hours to complete round-trip.

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Starting Point

The start of the trails at the Panorama Ridge in British Columbia can be accessed from the parking lot located off of Highway 99.

Why visit Panorama Ridge

The Panorama Ridge in British Columbia is a must-see destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The ridge offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, and is a great place to hike, bike, or simply relax and take in the natural beauty of the area. The ridge is also home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, bears, and birds, so visitors can enjoy a close-up view of these animals in their natural habitat.

Is Panorama Ridge in British Columbia a good place for the whole family?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific needs and interests of each family. Some families might find Panorama Ridge to be an excellent place to spend time together, while others might find it to be too remote or challenging.

Things not to be missed

Some of the best activities near Panorama Ridge in British Columbia include hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing.

1. Hiking - The Panorama Ridge Trail is a challenging hike that offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

2. Fishing - The area around Panorama Ridge is home to many excellent fishing spots.

3. Camping - There are several great camping spots near Panorama Ridge that offer beautiful views and plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation.

4. Wildlife Viewing - The area around Panorama Ridge is home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, deer, and mountain goats.

Where to eat?

1. The Gourmet Truck - This food truck serves up some of the best gourmet food in the area. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and all of them are absolutely delicious.

2. The Boathouse - This restaurant is located right on the water, and it offers some of the most amazing views in the area. The food is also top-notch, so it's definitely worth a visit.

3. The Keg - If you're looking for a classic steakhouse experience, then The Keg is definitely the place for you. They have an extensive menu full of delicious items, and the service is top-notch.

4. The Flying Beaver - This pub is a local favorite, and it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. They have a great selection of beers on tap, as well as some delicious pub food to choose from.

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