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Niagara Canada, Ontario, Canada

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Beamers Falls is a waterfall located in the town of Sundridge, Ontario. The falls are situated on the Magnetawan River, which flows from Lake Cecebe. The falls are approximately 30 metres (98 feet) high and consist of a series of five drops. The falls are named after the Beamers family, who were early settlers in the area.

The Magnetawan River is a popular destination for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The river features several Class III and IV rapids, including the infamous "Beamers Falls". The falls can be run by experienced paddlers, but should only be attempted during low water levels.

The Beamers Falls Conservation Area is open to the public year-round. The area features a picnic area, hiking trails, and a viewing platform overlooking the falls.

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Beamers Falls
Beamers Falls, Grimsby, ON L3M 4E7, Canada

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Starting Point

The easiest way to get to the start of the trails at Beamers Falls is to take Highway 401 east to exit 593. Take County Road 2 north for about 9 km until you reach the park entrance on the left.

Why visit Beamers Falls

Beamers Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Ontario, Canada. The falls are easily accessible and make for a great day trip destination. There is a small parking lot at the falls, and it is also possible to park along the side of the road. There is a short, but steep, trail down to the falls which takes about five minutes to walk. Once at the falls, there is a large viewing area where visitors can take in the beauty of the falls. There is also a small picnic area near the falls. Beamers Falls is a great place to visit any time of year, but is especially beautiful in the spring when the water is high.

Is Beamers Falls in Ontario a good place for the whole family?

Beamers Falls is a great place for the whole family. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, including hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Things not to be missed

The best activities near Beamers Falls in Ontario are hiking, fishing, and camping. A bref description not to be missed would be the beautiful scenery and the peaceful atmosphere.

1. Hiking: There are a number of hiking trails near Beamers Falls, including the Bruce Trail and the Ganaraska Trail.

2. Fishing: The area around Beamers Falls is a popular spot for fishing, with plenty of trout and salmon to be caught.

3. Swimming: The falls are a popular spot for swimming, especially in the summer months.

4. Picnicking: There are a number of picnic areas near Beamers Falls, perfect for a relaxing day out in nature.

5. Camping: There are several camping areas near Beamers Falls, perfect for those who want to get close to nature.

Where to eat?

1. The Blue Goose Inn - This inn is located in a converted church and serves up some of the best food in the area.

2. The Old Mill - This restaurant is located in a historic mill and serves up some of the best food in the area.

3. The Beamers Falls Inn - This inn is located in a converted mill and serves up some of the best food in the area.

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