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The trail head of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail is situated on the primary campground at George Lake. Due to the restricted amount of locations, early booking is suggested. This can be achieved by using Ontario Parks Central Reservation Number, 1-888-ONT-PARK or 1-888-668-7275. In the end, we're going to help you pack your equipment, advice and tricks included.

« The primary path in Killarney Provincial Park is a 78 km loop known as the La Cloche Silhouette Trail. In 2004, around H8, 3 km were added to bypass the bridge. You can travel in either direction around the loop, but most backpackers travel in the clockwise direction, just like this picture walk. For a number of reasons, I think this is the best choice. » The route itself is devoted to the memory of the Group of Seven Artists Franklin Carmichael and is named for his painting « La Cloche Silhouette ». The path of La Cloche Silhouette is navigated by following the blue markers. The path crosses in many locations with day hikes marked in red markers and campsites in yellow. Open regions without trees may also be labeled on the floor in burgundy colored paint, or even in big stacks of rock.

If you don't see any markers, retrace your steps until you present yourself. Backpacker should schedule a 7 to 10 day trip, it is not suggested to try a hike in less than 5 days owing to its difficulty. Doing this will ease the additional effort at the end of the walk. * Suggested hiking in the clockwise direction, which allows for less regions where steep inclines need to be addressed with a heavy pack.

If you prefer hiking inclines with a heavy pack and decreases with a lighter pack counter clockwise is suggested. * Trail can be very muddy and slippery during heavy rainfall or a day or two. Even during the dry season, the path still has places that cross beaver dams, rivers and marshy regions. Wigwam Merino wool socks assist maintain your legs dry, blister free, and smell-less.

* Hiking poles are suggested because of steep, rocky terrain. * Pack rain equipment even when weather conditions are nice. * Take a map, a compass, and a flashlight even if you believe you can do without it. La Cloche Silhouette Trail Head, Provincial Park of Killarney.

Cloche silhouette trail killarney, Hiking the la cloche

The Cloche Silhouette Trail Head, George Lake. The path begins at a set of stairs leading to a wooden bridge over George Lake. From the southern end of George Lake, the path winds through the stands of mixed deciduous and coniferous trees.

There are a few creeks to pass along this path, which may be difficult when the water concentrations are high. Keep a map at hand after passing through each creek to guarantee the right route of the path has been selected. This is a beautiful quartzite rimmed lake, and the first campsite accessible for those who do the La Cloche Silhouette trail in a more prevalent clockwise direction. The ridges around Lumsden have some lovely views of the lake, the surrounding mountains and the Georgian Bay.

This is rough terrain-the circumnavigation of the lake is timely, pay attention to the daylight. You have now entered the geological area, dating back 2.3 billion years. Most of the moment, there's not a lot of flow, but it's still an exciting place to check out. There's no path here, be fitted with a map and a compass if you're attempting to locate them.

It may be tempting to swim around them at moments of low flow. Such an incident could cause the water to rise rapidly. H1 has a lot of flat quartzite rocks to tan or jump in for a swim! From Lumsden Lake to Acid Lake, the path goes through parts of the corduroy road, remnants of past logging days. Watch your foot as you approach the southwest side of Acid Lake as there is a crossroads that needs a lot of attention. This is a mess of jumbled logs that require you to pass over. Again, if you're not hiking with trekking poles, grab a big stick to assist with equilibrium. Gulch Hill is a mountain over Acid Lake, and the view from the north to the top is amazing. ACIDE LAKE TO CAVE LAKE. There's a crude trampled route out there. This provides a beautiful view of the valley. Cave Lake is named after a cave in a rocky outcrop on the lake. Artist Creek is particularly attractive during July and August, when wild flowers such as Pickerel Weed and other aquatic plants choke their waters.

East side

Follow the creek south to the east end of Baie Fine, known as ' The Pool. ' Keep a map at hand in this place as the Silhouette Trail joins The Pig Portage and the Artist Lake path. Due to its amazing landscapes and distant place, the pool has long been the favorite of American yachtsmen. Approximately 230 m up "The Pig," Topaz Lake can be discovered on the west side of the path. Both Baie Fine and Topaz Lake can be busy at the height of the summer season as a favourite place for yachtsmen, paddlers and hikers alike! TOPAZ LAKE — H7. Topaz Lake can be discovered along the Baie Fine segment of the La Cloche Silhouette Trail, almost halfway along the Pig Portage to Threenarrows Lake. Topaz is an ultra-clear lake with white quartzite diving cliffs that rise at periodic intervals, giving it a crater-like look. The top looking over Topaz has a stellar top perspective.

Steep climbs

It's a very steep and exposed climb, too. Just try it if you're equipped, fit, and if the conditions are dry. Bring a friend along to guarantee safety. When you leave Topaz Lake, head back to the primary path along The Pig, turn left. Follow the path up and down the Blue Ridge. Watch closely at this stage, as you can readily miss the La Cloche path on the left. At this point, the trail doesn't take you down to the Threenarrows. If you reach the lake, turn around and find the path to the right. Watch as the kilometers pass by without trouble as you walk along the shores of the Threenarrows and through the wooded fields of the ancient logging days. Vast Threenarrows Lake is the result of past logging activities in the Killarney region. Originally called Long Lake, the body of water we see today was developed in 1900, when a wooden dam was built across Kirk Creek. As a result, the water levels in three pre-existing ponds rose by five meters and overflowed. Cappock's immediate offspring are still summer at Threenarrows Lake today. Take a side journey to the Historical Plaque as they flooded the three lakes just past the H8 campground. Rumor has it that it was Mr. Coppock's excellent love of fishing that led to his interest in the project. Thompson had been connected with Al Capone, a Chicago gangster. At some stage in the early days of Big Bill's ownership, Capone was in charge of the cabin for rumored gambling debts owed by Big Bill. Capone had been in the cabin for several years prior to his incarceration. Remnants of the base of this ancient cabin can still be discovered nestled in the forest across from the "Pig" portage. The scattered geography of marsh and hills makes excellent pictures of this lake! There is a beaver dam crossing between H8 and H16. Watch out for standing here as it can be very moist on the path leading to the dam. H17 & H18-has high access to water, hold this in mind after nightfall. While bugs are more abundant than ridge locations, this lake is reported to be a great place for wildlife viewing. The campsite on this lake is situated on a gentle slope up from the water's edge. The side path to the H21 campground can be discovered along the next segment of the path. This site is situated on a peninsula with an outstanding view of the Threenarrows Lake. Pay additional attention during or shortly after the rainfall. The climb to the Moose Pass is challenging and unique attention should be paid to the base. Impressive opinions of the south are not to be missed. There is a tiny stream that flows from a few bigger lakes to the north, and if the water concentrations are low, there can be no water in the H23 stream. Heading east from the Moose Pass stream, this will lead to a higher elevation with a wonderful lookout. The path passes past the camp site, but the traffic is not too heavy on this distant part of the circuit.

Highest point

The Moose Pass and Moose Lake are nice to explore. This place is not suggested if you want to swim, as it is situated in a forest on a creek rather than a lake. The climb from the Moose Pass stream, through the old growth hemlock stand, is steep and the foot can be slippery. This portion of the path can be quite strenuous but very rewarding, the magic of the forest and the views from the highest peaks illuminate the inner senses! SHIGAUG LAKE—H31, H32. The path to Shigaug Lake runs along a creek and passes a few low-volume waterfalls along the manner. Expect to see some gigantic hemlock, silver birch and white pine trees in the region. Come down the night, don't be surprised to hear the howls of the wolves in the region. Of the two locations, H32 is preferred on the far side of the lake.

Sections of the trail

West of the lake is a high ridge for those who have the energy to spare and want a place to walk. Although this is a brief distance, there is a lot of climbing then a steep, decent climb before reaching Little Mountain Lake. The trail descent to Little Mountain is probably the most intimidating, exposed part of the trail-heading down shear white quartzite. Pay attention to footing here, especially after rainfall. Both lakes are a little ways off the trail and we only suggest checking them out if choosing not to hike Silver Peak today. There is quite a bit of elevation to tackle in this section however spectacular views of Kirk Creek can be seen! DAVID LAKE-H34. Situated at the base of Silver Peak, David Lake is one of Killarney Provincial Park's more popular destinations. David Lake's rugged beauty is framed by the rolling foothill crag at the base of Silver Peak as well as other spectacular rock formations. Amateur botanists may be surprised to find that the lush forest surrounding David plays host to a rare mix of fir, maple, poplar, and oak trees. Oak trees rarely grow this far north or at such high elevations, however they can be found in abundance.

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Killarney national park
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Joanna Fields
Joanna Fields
Stunning park, stunning trails, it does get super busy in the summer months though and sadly the public washrooms by the visitor centre become a mess. No traffic restrictions so it gets so packed that you have to park in ditches and on the shoulder of the highway, which makes it very dangerous. They should consider someone managing the lots as there’s only so many moderate hikes and the parking lots for these fill up super quickly during the summer. Absolutely recommend visiting though.
4 years ago
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas
This is one of Ontario's most beautiful parks. Park staff are knowledgeable and helpful, maintenance on washrooms was done in a timely manner, the beaches and trails are in wonderful condition and there is tons of info available to help you stay safe and enjoy your time. We have camped 4 years at George Lake, each year at a different site. Each year has brought wonder and beauty in mornings and evenings, hikes and canoeing, with bugs and without.
4 years ago
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson
Killarney provincial park is one the best places in Ontario. If you like the outdoors it's definitely the place to be in all seasons. I went end of August and it was breath taking. Excellent hikes choices of hiking trails for different levels. Enough water activities by the lake too. The staff at the information center was quite knowledgeable and helpful.
4 years ago
Eileen Wendel
Eileen Wendel
It's no wonder that the Group of Seven did paintings here of the picturesque landscapes. I had two day passes and barely saw anyone while paddling or hiking. I did see a black bear, some loons, frogs and turtles. This park is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of life. I felt so at peace and remote.
4 years ago

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