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Boler Mountain (London Ski Club) - Hiking

Southwest Ontario, Ontario, Canada

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Why choose a trail at Boler Mountain (London Ski Club)?

On the city of London, Ontario, Canada, there stands the Boler Mountain, heaven for ski and winter sports. Although it was named as a mountain, the location itself is more appropriate to be seen as a bump or a hill. It has a wide range of environments used for winter sports and other activities during the summer. Started as a London ski club, Boler Mountain has gained a lot of popularity through its massive expansions. People can now enjoy their days with multiple engaging activities in various seasons.

Some of you may be asked, “why would you pick this location?” ”What’s the best thing about it?”

Aside from the 16,000 square feet of a chalet, the main reason why you should visit Boler Mountain is because of how many activities you can do here. The biggest game here is, of course, skiing. But, other exciting things may be found, including the mountain bike trails and other activities.

The ski course consists of fifteen different trails that perfectly fit all people, from beginners to experts. For more casual skiing, pick the green trails (ex. Elbow, AppleJack, Easy Street). However, the trails are not meant for hiking. Therefore, the Boler Mountain Resort is not suitable for hardcore hikers.

Boler Mountain Resort also provides a class or a program to teach visitors about how to ski. They have Lil’Rippers, which is a class for children. The program offers lesson plans for skiing and snowboarding. Kids between 5 to 15 are eligible to join any of these programs on any day. Don’t worry; there are also classes for the adults, which usually start in January.

There’s also Tubing, the next best winter season sport you may freely enjoy at this establishment. The Tube Park has three tube runs and consists of ten stories high platforms, and the visitors may go beyond 70km/h under proper conditions. So if you desire a sport that can give you speed, go for it.

Treetop Adventure Park!

Summertime brings something different to Boler Mountain Resorts. In the heat of the season, visitors may still have the same level of fun and excitement through Treetop Adventure Park. Plus, you may enjoy mountain biking in this gorgeous hill environment. So be ready to pump your adrenaline and thoroughly explore the Boler Mountain Ski Resorts!

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What are the coordinates and address of Boler Mountain?

Boler Mountain
(519) 657-8822
689 Griffith St, London, ON N6K 2S5

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Starting Point

Boler Mountain was once an empty lot. Now that it has improved in so many ways, one might easily notice it on the edge of London city. Finding it is an easy job; you don’t even need a map. Take Oxford Street West, turn off the Sanatorium Road, and continue your way through Boler Road.

Head South and take a right to Griffith Street. By then, the ski club Boler should already be noticeable. And as for the trails, there are plenty of them. But, remember, they’re not hiking trails. So be always careful when you’re on either one of these trails.

The trails are already presented and neatly informed with a detailed map. Since this mountain is the skiing and mountain biking location, the starting points should be noticeable at the bottom. So enjoy your day, and get the best of it.

Why visit Boler Mountain (London Ski Club)

The best thing Boler Mountain Resorts in Ontario, Canada, has done is the addition of Treetop Adventure Park back in 2013. The park itself was built in Carolinian forest just behind these trails. It has three different levels with a course for kids and ziplines. So after exploring the trails, you may as well try the zipline that will take you back to the chalet.

There’s also mountain biking activity as well, and all families can join in this exciting event.

Things not to be missed

Here are some addresses that might interest you. If you ever want to share your comments with us, don't hesitate. If you know of any good addresses that we should add, we will be happy to do so.

Where to Sleep (Accommodation)?

Of course, in a wild place like this, the best option is to do some camping. You can set a camp and enjoy temporary living under the stars. The wildlife is considered safe enough for the people to camp nearby. This is, however, could be done in the Summer season.

But in the Winter season, camping is out of option since the weather is too extreme to do it. The snow will halt you from doing your job; that’s why it’s essential to check the club snow report first.

The optional accommodations like lodgings still couldn’t be found on their official websites. So, visitors are left with outside accommodations in the form of resorts, inns, or motels. If you want to stay for a couple of days, these are the best choices.

Among others, we’ve found the best two that might interest you:

Our Favorites

1. Dancing Trees

The first one on our list is Dancing Trees. If you desire a place that will take you closer to nature, this is the best option for you. Standing as a cool, vegan inn, Dancing Trees offers vegan foods for visitors. Feel free to pick the best vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2. Best Western Plus Lamplighter Inn

Another place is located nearby. The inn is known for its great services, along with the best-quality in presentation. Aside from the inn, visitors may enjoy their facilities in the form of a tropical atrium area, indoor pool, and others.

Where to Eat?

After having fun all day, don’t forget to fill your tummy. Enjoy all available options nearby, including the exotic foods that are served in London city, Ontario, Canada.

1. Thaifoon

If you want to try exotic foods from Thailand, feel free to visit this restaurant anytime. Thaifoon, which is located on Dundas Place, has mastered the way of cooking Thai foods. It has received its success locally and now approaching its second location on Masonville Place.

They try to keep everything authentic. The foods and even the interior kindly reflect Thai culture. Spices and other ingredients are imported from Thailand to keep the authenticity intact. Feel the rich in each bite, and don’t forget to try Pad Thai, their specialty.

2. Conghee Chan

Warm your body in snowy conditions with Chinese foods. Conghee Chan is named after a popular Chinese side dish (congee), which is really popular in Asia. Similar to the restaurant above, they keep their hard work to deliver authenticity in each bite. Enjoy the rich menu of Cantonese-style dishes. Their hospitality is top-notch, with staff that is very friendly, multilingual, and definitely excellent.

The foods here are served family-style with the best quality yet affordable. You may expect large portions to fulfill your whole family. Of course, we highly recommend trying Congee, with different types of it.

3. Ivano Poblano

We’re moving to the Italian dish with the best restaurant in tow, Ivano Poblano. The foods they serve are 100% organic and always served in excellent quality. Be free to pick anything, especially the quesadillas, one of their top specialties. Then, finish it with Mexican chocolate bread pudding with wonderful texture and unique taste.

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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