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The Iroquois Trail is a trail that runs through the Outaouais region. It is over 100 kilometers long and is made up of different segments that wind through the forests and mountains of this region. This trail is very popular with hikers and bikers, as it offers beautiful scenery to discover.

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46.0014267 -75.1264305

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(518) 381-4700

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Starting Point

To get to the Iroquois Trailhead, you must travel to the municipality of Chelsea, Outaouais.

Why visit this place

The Iroquois Trail is located in the Outaouais region and is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a walking trail that winds through a forest and offers a magnificent view of the Gatineau River. During your walk, you can observe many birds and wildlife.


Things not to be missed

The Iroquois Trail is located near several must-do activities in the Outaouais region. These include rafting on the Gatineau River, rock climbing and canoeing on the Ottawa River, and biking on the area's bike trails.

There are many beautiful camping spots at the Iroquois Trail in the Outaouais region. Some of the best include Philippe Lake Campground, Lake of Two Mountains Campground and Oba Lake Campground.


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