Mont Buet - Mont Buet, France

Mont Buet, France - Hiking

Haute-Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Mont Buet, France Statistics




19 KM


3,096 meters

Elevation gain

1,870 meters

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Why choose a trail at Mont Buet, France?

This ascent is located in Haute Savoie in the Mont Blanc Massif, in the Rhône Alpes region

The ascent of Mont Buet is totally outside the scope of a family climb. This trip can be considered the end of a period of climbing with varying degrees of difficulty. Certainly, the goal to be reached is extremely high, the distinction in stature is vital, and the route extremely long.

Some specialized challenges are experienced: path just after the shelter, section of huge stone squares at risk, snow fields and hard snow patches at the highest point during almost the whole year. The last move after the 2800m elevation gain also requires a lot of work to get to this moon-like arch where the feeling of height is over.

The scene at the highest point of Mont Buet is eminent and will quickly make you forget the attempts made. Since the race is long and the elevation gain is high, you should not forget the typical precautions before each ascent: indeed, look at the climate gauge, be accompanied by a guide and take comfortable clothes.

In late spring (late June-mid July), crampons are useful for snowfields and hard snow patches, especially at the summit.

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Trails Distance Difficulty
Mont Buet, France 18.9 km Expert

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From sunrise to sunset


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Starting Point

Take off near the Chalet-hotel du Buet and the Gare du Buet, on the road from Chamonix to the Col de la Forclaz.

On the first part of the climb, follow the signs to the Refuge de la Pierre à Bérard.

(D/A) Head west toward the Chalets de la Poya.

Why visit Mont Buet, France

Discovery on the Tour du Mont-Blanc, the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute-Route, or day climbing in the Chamonix Valley climbing trails: at each stage, an unusual interest or a surprising perspective awaits you! Each of our routes passes through areas of woods, high lakes, showers and alpine meadows with icy masses and snowy peaks in the background. Enjoy the excellent views of the Mer de Glace or the remarkable Aiguille du Midi. Use the ski lifts to access legendary scenes. Experience the Mont-Blanc Massif and the Aiguilles Rouges, rich in breathtaking variety. Experience unprecedented minutes in the wild mountain. Climb in the heart of nature in the parks and nature reserves in the high scenes of the Mont Blanc region. Offer a climb with your family or companions for privileged minutes in the middle air of the mountain chalets and put aside the effort to notice the vegetation. You won't miss the inevitable chamois, ibex and marmots! You also have the opportunity to try your hand at running for a large part of a day!

Available activities:

Paragliding flight over the Giffre Valley

In Le Haut-Giffre, paragliding will meet your most astonishing desires, whether it is a simple revelation on a first departure (from 5 years old)

This paragliding flight is for mountain and climbing lovers who need to apprehend their beloved peaks from an enhanced perspective.

Reconnect with the mountains with that unique sense of sweetness and opportunity that comes with paragliding travel. This flight is planned for all in all well-being.

During this paragliding flight, you will have the chance to discover the most beautiful peaks.


Boating is for all swimmers from 7 to 77 years old in search of invigorating sensations.

The Giffre is particularly well suited to whitewater sports. Joining calm and insightful sections with others fast and percolating. The Giffre is bearable from Sixt, Samoëns and up to Morillon, which sets a course of 10 km.

Things not to be missed

We have done some research to help you find good places to sleep and eat. Do not hesitate to share your experience or other good addresses that we should add.

Where to sleep?

Chalet at the edge of the woods

Small cosy inn in an average chalet in the Chamonix valley - 5 guest rooms are waiting for you, in a customary setting, with a full perspective on the whole Mont Blanc massif. Each room has a similar comfort with full sterile desks, Includes 1 bed of 160 cm for 2 persons.

La Chaumine

A cottage built in the 1800s, refurbished to further develop comfort and improve space, while protecting its person and reality. a bunch of varied menus, morning meals, dinners or informal breakfasts for the duration of your visit according to your desires, spending plan and occasional items. You'll enjoy good food and taste the claims to fame of the place.

Where to eat ?

Below, we've recorded the best restaurants we could find near this excellent location.

The Spinning Wheel

A restaurant located in a serene setting and features a porch with a breathtaking view of the mountains and waterfalls.

Savoyard and customary cuisine arranged nearby using fresh produce.

Le Rouet happily responds to each of your requests for the association of breakfasts, snacks, dinners... moreover, offers you recipes "by the unit" or "made to measure", exceptionally elaborated for the event.

The vista

Restaurant with a global perspective. The Vista invites locals and out-of-town guests in an exceptional setting for connoisseur cheerful shots and to give to family or companions.

Partake in a luxurious breakfast buffet and casual morning lunch with a wide assortment of fine and delicate items

Everywhere you look from the restaurant, the Mont buet chain is everywhere, beautiful and forcing. It's there, almost accessible and simultaneously unavailable. That's the magic of Vista, the open restaurant.

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What is the level of difficulty of Mont Buet ?


What is the elevation of Mont Buet?

1870.00 M

What is the height of Mont Buet ?

3096.00 M

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