142 KM


915 meters

Elevation gain

756 meters

What are the activities on site?


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Why choose this trail?

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What are the services on site?

Parking Reception Toilet Belvedere Shelter Refuge Yurt Lodging Interpretation Center Baggage Picnic table Rustic camping Swim

Rate & open hour

Access fee $ 7.00
No information
46.6298662 -70.4497099

What are the coordinates and address of Mont Chocolat?

Parc régional du Massif du Sud
(418) 469-2228
300, route du Massif, Saint-Philémon, QC G0R 4A0, Canada

What are the comments and evaluations from the community?

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What is the level of difficulty of Mont Chocolat ?


What is the elevation of Mont Chocolat?

756.00 M

What is the height of Mont Chocolat ?

915.00 M

Is the place are families friendly?


What is the entry fee?

7.00 $

Is there an information center / service center / reception?


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