Difficulty Easy
Distance 28 KM
Animal Dog allowed




This group of four communities invites visitors to walk through a watershed. The course was already used by Aboriginal people. Today, the central join the walking trails. Each track is complete with a lake, in addition to numerous viewpoints where you can enjoy the scenery. They rub shoulders in a river trail The Attaway and The Big Island, and we will cross a footbridge in that of rapid Island


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What are the best trails at Récré-eau des quinze ?

  • Trails
  • La Tour à feu
    1 km
    40 m
  • L'Explorateur
    1.2 km
    40 m
  • L'Île des rapides
    3.3 km
    40 m
  • L'Attaway
    3.5 km
    30 m
  • L'Explorateur
    3.4 km
    80 m
  • Les Pouvoirs de l'eau
    6.1 km
    70 m
  • La Grande île
    9.8 km
    60 m


Access fee Free
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47.5848 -79.3554

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Discover the Abitibi-Temcamingue

The Abitibi-Témiscamingue  is the fourth largest region in Quebec and is to the west. Well known among visitors from all over the world, this region will enchant you withitsvastgreenspaces and abundance of cultural attractions.

In the forests of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue one can observe a rich fauna between mammals, birds and fish. In addition, if you like animals, you will be happy to know that here we take realcareof them. In Amos we find the  Pageau Refuge,which for  30 years has been welcoming healthyor orphaned animals andtreating  them while waiting to release them.

For a  lookback at the history ofthe region, one can take  91 meters underground to visit the City of Gold. This is the deepest gold mining in Quebec where you can learn the methods of mineral extraction and wander  through  the former mining village of Bourlamaque, which is still inhabited.

This area is a go rmand paradisetoo. Every yearthe  famous  Gourmande Fair of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Northeastern Ontario takes place  in Ville-Marie.  During this eventit is possible to disgust the local delights,get to know the producers and attend the musical shows in the evening. It's definitely worth going!

Always lovers ofgood  food productswill be able to visit the  Miellerie de la Grande Ourse. It isa magical place where you can observe through a glass hive the bees at work and, if you are brave enough, help beekeepers in their work.