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Parcs Ruraux Rapide Danseur - Hiking

Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec


Difficulty Easy
Distance 6 KM

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Ten parks are located along the trails. In each park, there is a bench and a display with lots of information on the theme park. The Walk the trail goes to Epilobes Park, named because of the abundance of this plant. Later, the Fast of the park is the historic site of the Church of Rapide-Danseur, which dates from 1940. This park can observe the fast. The trail also passes through the parks sparrows and Old cars. The Red Maple Park is covered with a forest of this species. At Belvedere Park, a trail climbs a small hill and has views of the Duparquet Lake and the surrounding area. The erratic block park lets see what block left by the passage of glaciers. Found in the park of the Old School foundations of a schoolhouse dating from the years 1930-1940. There are also parks and Romper Esker. One can also travel on a portion of the old trail detour through a wooded composed of aspen and spruce.

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48.5489 -79.1876

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