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7 Best Natural Wonders in Georgia, Hiking in Georgia

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The beautiful state of Georgia is a world of its own. The state offers every nature lover a vast amount of opportunities to play, relax, and explore in its great outdoor space. This phenomenal paradise has gorgeous landscapes, cascading waterfalls, wildlife, beautiful bridges, and many other natural attractions. These are what make the wonderland a perfect destination for a family getaway or a good vacation point to any individual who loves the great outdoors.

Amicalola Falls

The Amicalola falls surrounded by beautiful scenery. Located near Dawsonville, this waterfall is the tallest cascading fall in the entire southeast, and you can enjoy the view from an overlook. The fall is a spectacular introduction to the Appalachian Trail. Meanwhile, there's a 5- mile trail that leads up to a peaceful backcountry inn, Len Foote hike inn. Here, visitors can enjoy comfortable and cozy beds, tasty meals and hot showers.

Okefenokee Swamp

The Okefenokee Swamp is one natural beauty in Georgia that you have to see to believe. The swamp is not only the most significant intact black water and freshwater wilderness swamp in North America, but it is also home to a variety of animals including birds and reptiles. The area also boasts of gorgeous landscape of reflective waters alongside breathtaking cypress forests. The best ways to explore this swamp is through motorboat and paddle boat.

Spend a night camping amidst the woods because the area also makes a beautiful remote location for stargazing.

Providence Canyon

Best known as Georgia's little Grand Canyon, the providence canyon provides an exciting look at the vibrant history and geology of South Georgia. The canyon was created by erosion, a consequence of the poor farming practices of the region. These vast channels go down 150 feet in depth. The gullies are exceptional, and that's why people flock to the 1,000-plus-acre providence canyon state park to explore the natural wonder along a tough 7-mile trail. Plus, these trails lead to 6 primitive campgrounds

Radium Springs

Radium Springs is Georgia's most abundant natural spring, and it pumps many gallons of water from a cave. This is why the water usually has a surreal turquoise glow. The radium spring is also a historic site. The beautiful blue spring used to be home to a resort as well as a casino. The spring has lush botanical gardens with stone pathways. Make sure to enjoy a walk through the spring gazing at the spectacular pool. You might also want to paddle in the Flint River as you search for other blue holes.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is one of the most recognized natural attractions in Georgia. The Stone Mountain has unique rock formations, and it is the most significant mass of bare granite in the world. The mountain is also famous for its historic carvings and even for the different entertainments and outside fun activities that it offers. You'll enjoy hiking to the top on a mile-long trail and enjoying the magnificent views all around.

Warm Springs

Warm spring was made famous by President Franklin Roosevelt, who discovered the therapeutic quality of the spring during his search for a polio cure. Because of his fondness for the small Georgian town, President Roosevelt built a house close by the spring. This house has now come to be known as the little white house. When tourists visit the spring, they also make sure to tour the historic building. Tourists also day hike the 40 miles of trail in the areas around the spring.

Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge is the place to go for spectacular views and daring adventures. This 2-mile long gorge is 1,000 feet deep and is, therefore, the deepest gorge that is east of the Mississippi. The Tallulah state park in which the Tallulah gorge is located also offers rock climbing, local hiking, and mountain biking opportunities. The park is a must-go if you want memorable adventures.

Georgia has an endless list of attractions, and you need to see them for yourself. Start your adventures by visiting the seven natural wonders of Georgia listed here.