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Abes and Essens Lake Trail - Hiking

Ontario, Canada

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4 KM

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Why choose a trail at Abes and Essens Lake Trail?

Among the trails that we must not forget to visit, the path of the Abbots and Essens is incredible. With its 3 loops, there is plenty of choice. Depending on your physical abilities, you can choose the one with its 17 km, the one with 9 km or the shorter one with its 3 km.

Discover the path of the Abbots and the Essens

With its curls, we can make unique discoveries. This type of challenge is very interesting especially for night owls. Indeed, one can place a tent and go camping to rest, or simply to admire the view.

One of the sites north of Napanee, this is the most visited track. Many painting and photography enthusiasts love to spend their time there to get more inspiration from their work.

The advantages of this trail

this track is the ideal place for those who love stony areas. Indeed, it is a path on a rock wall of 1.5 km. At the top is Lake Mazinaw, one of the deepest lakes in Ontario. For adventurers, there are hundreds and hundreds of natural pictograms. These are some of the greatest riches that can be observed in Canada.
To contemplate all these natural collections on the path of the Abbots and Essens, it would be better to block a whole day. A night hike would be very convenient.
The blue lakes, the beach with its fine sands, its forests, these are the corners not to be missed even if one is tired. These are the places with unimaginable views, even heavenly views.

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