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7 Best Outdoor Activities in the Dominican Republic

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The remarkable Dominican Republic is surrounded by several miles of beaches and is home to lots of Spanish historical landmarks. The weather is excellent in this island, and the Republic is conducive for different adventurous activities. With all its beauty and many attractions, there is no denying that Dominican Republican makes a perfect vacation destination for all outdoor adventure lovers.

Discover some regions

Explore the Cueva de las Maravillas

The Cueva de las Maravillas is a sizeable underground cave and it is located just between Santo Domingo and La Romana. This cave is over 100,000 years old. The public can have access to the only 240m of the whole cave. The cave houses a beautiful ancient collection of stalactites, columns, and pisoliths. There are transparent pieces of evidence that the cave was once occupied by ancient native Taino Indians who left behind many pictographs for future generations to admire

Experience the Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures

Based in Punta Cana on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, the Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures is a catamaran tour company. The excursions this tour company offer include snorkeling on one of the foremost snorkeling reefs in the area, the Cabeza de Toro reef. You may also sail and drop by at an incredibly palmed beach and have cocktails as well as fresh coconut. You can enjoy the view of underwater marine life, and you can take as many photos as you want to preserve the memorable experience.

There are opportunities today hike through impressive trails.

Admire the Local wildlife

Dominican Republican allows visitors to watch cute animals as they roam around, and for visitors, this is quite an enjoyable way to pass the time in the region. One of the exciting animals that the republic houses is the capuchin monkeys. These animals can be found in one of the parks in the land. You can tour the monkey jungle for an affordable price and get at least 40 minutes tour out of your investment.

Do the Canopy Adventure Zip Line Tour

The Canopy Adventure Zip Line Tour is located in Punta Cana and is a great attraction for avid adventurers. It features two different but exciting half-day jungle adventures. The tour begins with a safety briefing class after which you will set off on the adrenalin ride through the ancient trees. It promises to be very exciting.

Tour the Big Bastard and Other Canyons

Though an island, Dominican Republic is huge and is home to various mountain ranges. In fact the country has the highest peak in the Caribbean. However, with mountains come rivers and canyons and Dominican Republic has more than enough of these two. If you're brave enough you can take tours of the big bastard, Ciaguapa Falls, and the margin mushroom. You'll have to hike upwards for some hours and jump, slide and repel back down. For the best tours, visit the Cordillera Septentrional, Puerto Plata region. You could base yourself in the charming surf town of Cabarete to enjoy the very best of the canyoning trips available in Dominican Republic.

Enjoy a Plethora of Water Sports at Boca Chica

Boca Chica is located on the southern coast of Dominican Republic close to Santo Domingo. The little town lies on the biggest reef-protected bay in the Caribbean and is popular for its clear sheltered water and white sand beaches. Here, many tourists come to enjoy a plethora of water activities like jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, and wind-surfing. There's also plenty of room for snorkeling and scuba diving. If you'd prefer land activities, this town offer many–horse-riding, cycling, golfing and motor biking.

Here are so much you stand to discover in the beautiful county of Dominican Republic. But one thing is for sure; you'll never be bored. Enjoy your travel!