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York, Durham and Headwaters, Ontario, Canada

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The Oak ridges trail is one, if not the most profound, natural scenic landform in southern Canada. It is a 186 mile (300 kilometers) long hiking trail found in Ontario, Canada. It is situated between two lakes; Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe and is a result of glacial activity thousands of years prior. Some people even claim that it gets its name from the valleys and the hills that are found some kilometers east of the Niagara escarpment, I can’t confirm that.

There are about 64 rivers in total that run from the trail into Lake Ontario going south while others go north to the lakes Simcoe, Scugog, and Lake Huron. You can also spot some streams and small ponds as you are out and about.

The trail is surrounded by forests and is renowned to be a hot spot for bird sighting in the whole of south Ontario having a wide array of different birds. You can find up to over one hundred and fifty species of birds, isn’t that cool? Other small animals can also be spotted scurrying around like the chipmunk for example and this adds to the experience of the hike itself.

Along the trail, you can find other different activities going on besides walking and hiking that is, like people engaging in off-road cycling, some dog-walking, snowshoeing, riding on horseback and so much more. Fun fact, the trail connects to the Bruce Trail.

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Oak Ridges Trail 4.2 km Beginner

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Starting Point

The trail starts southeast of Mono Hills. Parking amenities are also situated throughout the entire trail. They are located along Lakeridge road, Houston road, Allbright road, and Goodwood road.

Why visit Oak Ridges Trail

As you go about the hike, you may notice birds on the water known as waterfowl. This is because the oak ridge is their natural habitat. Waterfowl are a group of birds that you’ll be surprised to know, have what we call waterproof feathers. Well, in case you did not know that now you know, I for one was not aware.

There are also about one thousand one hundred different species of plants if you are that kind of guy and not only that but also seventy-three species of fish and thirty different species of reptiles and up to fifty different species of mammals. But I doubt you will encounter a snake out there, or maybe you will. You will also see some houses while on the trail, indicating you have some form of civilization and not that you are lost, come across some roads as the trail itself cuts through the countryside, and even see some hills. Streams and insects such as dragonflies are also clearly visible and not to be missed.

Things not to be missed

It would be sad if there weren’t any available places to relax and take in the day’s activity but fortunately, there are several locations along the trail where you can do just that. I have taken the liberty to highlight some of them for you below.

Where to sleep ? Our favorites

A lovely treehouse near Toronto

The first getaway location is located in the town of Blackstock where you will find a beautiful treehouse just waiting for you. It features two rooms and has large windows from where you can have a good view of the sun settings on the Oak Ridge. Needless to say, breathtaking. You will feel like a bird as you will be up there with the trees hah. There is no electricity but the cabin is run using a solar panel so you don’t have to worry about being disconnected during your stay there. What more could you ask for?

The treehouse in port perry

The second option is to retreat somewhere close to Lake Scugog where you will find another incredible treehouse parked right there. This time it is a house with three stories where you can see to its entirety the surrounding forest.

This treehouse has all the amenities you could need to cater to you, from having a stove, a fully packed kitchen, a bathroom that is indoors to the fireplace where you can warm yourselves because it gets chilly at night. This and so much more will have not wanting to get back on the trail, but that is what brought you here lest you forget hah.

You also get to experience an outdoor barbecue in case you start feeling a yearning for grilling if you get my drift. It simply cannot get better than that.

Where to eat?

In case you were wondering; the food lovers are not left out. What is a thirty-kilometer hike with nowhere to sit and grab a bite before you can get back on? Below are some of the places you can get your fill

Villa Conti Oak heights

For the wine lovers out there, you will love this spot. Villa Conti Oak Heights Estate Winery, which opened in 2016, is found on top of a hill overlooking the ponds, can be found about one and a half kilometers from the trail. It serves authentic Italian food which is just a delight to the taste buds. The wine selection is also rich boasting a great selection of wines to pick and if that is not enough, the chef can make suggestions if you are unsure of what to pick.

Our lucky stars

This place has it all, from the ambiance to the food. The staff is not to be left behind as they are gracious and courteous when handling their esteemed customers. Our lucky stars is located in the village of Warkworth and it delights in serving you the best local foods.

Sper food and farm

Where do I start? Relaxing, enjoyable, unforgettable gastronomical experiences, fabulous brunch. You do not need to go elsewhere. Sper food and farm is located on 20 Main Street, Warkworth. A bonus tip, they do offer their homemade complementary walnut ice cream, well if that helps.

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