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Meanders Park is located in the wilderness near the North River. It offers visitors a variety of hiking and biking trails that wind through a mixed forest of hardwoods and conifers. Lovers of nature and tranquility will be pleased!

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(518) 381-4700

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Starting Point

To get to the Parc Des Méandres trails, you must travel to Saint-Sauveur. Once you arrive in Saint-Sauveur, you need to head towards downtown and take Principale Street. After taking Principale Street, continue straight and take the first left, which is Des Méandres Street. After taking Rue des Méandres, you need to continue straight and park in the park parking lot.

Why visit this place

The Parc Des Méandres is located in the Laurentian region, about an hour's drive from Montreal. This park is a true haven of peace, surrounded by forests and mountains. It is ideal for nature lovers and hikers, as it offers many hiking and biking trails. The most courageous can also try to climb Mount Morne on foot!

Things not to be missed

The Parc Des Méandres is located near several must-see activities in the Laurentian region. These include Mont Saint-Sauveur, which is one of the most important ski and snowboard centers in Quebec. Only minutes away from the park, winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy the slopes and lifts of Mont Saint-Sauveur. In addition, the village of Saint-Sauveur is known for its festive atmosphere and numerous restaurants and boutiques.

Less than a 10-minute drive from Parc Des Méandres, visitors can also visit the village of Val-David, which is famous for its crafts and gastronomy. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy the village's hiking and biking trails, as well as the many water activities on Lake David.

There is no better camping spot at Parc Des Méandres in the Laurentian region.

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